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J’ai souvent eu pour habitude d’utiliser les rouges à lèvres. Mais mon constat en fin de compte est que pour certains (en dehors des grandes marques) ils ne durent pas sur les lèvres. A peine tu atteints 16H que tout est parti depuis que j’ai découvert la boutique RMB, j’ai testé leurs crayons à lèvres. Ils sont de très longues durées, parfois j’ai du mal à enlever ça le soir. Ils sont vraiment top. Et je vous les recommande.


J’aime bien vos Produits très adapté à la peau noire. J’utilise depuis un an et je suis satisfaite à 100%.merci RMB.


With beautiful eyeshadow colors and a wide range of foundations for all African skin tones, RMB is a step in the right direction for the beauty industry in Cameroon.

Bee Makina (UZURI Makeup Artistry)

Je confirme vos produits sont bons. Depuis 7h que je suis maquillée les yeux sont toujours pareil. Et la base permet vraiment de retenir le fond de teint. Suis ravie !!!

Jessica Ebelle

Dear fellow woman of African descent,

If you are like me you must wish you had a cosmetic line and skincare line that :

  • Specializes in high-end and very high quality products made specifically for women of African descent like you
  • Is affordable, available and has variety
  • Exactly matches the color and tone of your skin
  • Is adapted to variations in climatic conditions
  • Last long on you when applied
  • Trains you on how to apply your make-up to get a perfect finish every time

The list can go on and on.

Yes the African woman deserves to reveal her full beauty using the “best in class” products just like any other woman in the world.

Like most African women I had several challenges related to revealing my full beauty using available cosmetic and skin care products. Most poignant experiences were when I travelled and saw all the variety available which I did not have at home. In addition I would buy some very expensive cosmetic products for myself, sisters, friends and others back home. Only to realize when I returned that these products did not completely match their skin types and tone.

It is worth noting that good make up has to match not only the skin type and color but also the climate, life style and environment in which one operates. We are often exposed to very harsh climatic factors such as heat, humidity, dryness etc. The challenge to achieving ideal make up therefore is to have products that can resist these environmental and climatic factors. Most women would want; a long lasting make up that matches their skin tone and color. Therefore, matching foundation and other cosmetic products is vital. Most importantly is to understand that skin shade varies with climate, temperature and other elements.

In the recent past, I have had to buy a lot of foundation which was matched to my skin in the US just to discover on my return to Africa that my skin had changed its tone and color and these products did not match any longer. Sometime travelling across the African continent from north to south also produced this effect, even within the same country. Perfect makeup needs excellent match to the skin type and also an understanding of the basics of a good makeup.

Hence our vision is based on the fact that beneath every African woman’s skin is a gem of incredible beauty and RMB wants to partner with each and every one of you to achieve this transformation.

What you can expect from RMB both immediately and in the long term can be seen from the angle that I double as a German-trained Medical doctor and an African woman. As a medical doctor I pay total attention to detail and keep a very close watch on quality to deliver not just exquisite beauty but healthy skin as well. As all African women I love to express and bring out my beauty in different ways for different occasions.

This is exactly why RMB decided to create a complete and comprehensive cosmetic and skin-care line dedicated to all women of African descent. Simply put, what all African women can expect from RMB are:

  • High-end products having undergone rigorous quality control
  • Variety in products for different skin types shades, tones etc...
  • A brand specializing in the African woman
  • Offer products to cover the needs of both the exuberant and the discreet. That is from Women who want a makeup that really stands out and those who prefer a more natural look.
  • Perfect matching to skin color, tone and environment. High quality control and variety.
  • Give women the freedom to express their beauty by offering targeted make-up training.

RMB products….Top end quality cosmetic and skin-care products and accessories that are

  • High quality
  • Wide color ranges
  • Long lasting
  • Affordably priced
Dr. Kate Kume Gola Shey MD.