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Bussiness O

RMB blends the best of health bestowing virtues of nature with the best facets of technology to give products that delivers assured quality and exquisite results on every application.

Yes! We need you to look good, feel good but most especially succeed financially! We aim at empowering all our customers by providing them with opportunities for personal growth and financial gain, thus we give you the opportunity to share / distribute the products you love – own your own business!

Unlike common multi-level marketing ventures, our unique uni-level distribution plan actually encourages teamwork and rewards up lines for empowering their new distributors. We want you to succeed and will help you individually every step of the way. For full membership and distribution, talk to a Distributor, or come in to one of our Business Centers, and let us know that you are ready to start your career with RMB. To get you started, we will work closely with you to help guide you through the initial purchasing so that you can quickly accumulate your PVs and start receiving bonuses for the products you love; the transition is easy. 


As an RMB distributor, you will be able to buy products at a drastically reduced rate (30% discount). You will be able to set your own schedule, take control of your life, and advance at your own pace. Your position with RMB will allow you to build your financial independence and bring positive, life-changing products to the people who need them most. RMB distributors reap the greatest rewards financially by receiving commission, bonuses, and incentives based on the performance of their networks. At this commitment level, you are able to expand even further from the rank of Leader all the way up to Honorary Presidential Diamond. Each time your personal PV, Group Purchase Volume (GPV), and network structure attain a qualifying level, your rank increases as well. This progression is through your hard work and that of your mentors and all the Members of your group. When you achieve the rank of Director, you drastically increase your potential impact in your community. Your outreach to customers increases at an even greater pace allowing for more visibility in your community and interaction with your customers.

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